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    Half Life Counter Strike Pick Up Games PUGs

    To join a Counter Strike 1.6 Pick up Game (PuG) hosted by BlakeGames, you first have to make sure to do a few things first:

    Step 1.) Make sure you have a working microphone and headset

    Step 2.) Make an account at https://www.blakegames.com/members

    Step 3.) Join our Discord and TeamSpeak:

    -       https://discord.gg/kUACVS3

    Teamspeak: eurots7.gameservers.com:9157

    Step 4.) Join the lobby on the teamspeak and wait until you have 10 players total.

    Step 5.) Once you have 10 players, two players will volunteer as captains and pick teams.

    Step 6.) Once teams are selected wait until your captain gives you the server information or connect to it yourself by finding the connection info in #server-info of the CS1.6 section of our discord, or from our website.

    When you are in the game just play and have fun. Learning how to play 1.6 competitively may take some time to get used to so just ask other players and they will help you. During a PuG, make sure to be polite and to keep useless chatter to a minimum. Always play to your strengths and try to be as helpful as possible to your team. There are some rules to follow while playing a PuG:

    1. )Always practice sportsmanlike behavior.
    2. )Keep toxicity to a minimum.
    3. )Don’t leave a PuG half way through. PuGs take up to 60 minutes to finish but most take up only 30 minutes of your day. Make sure you plan accordingly. Emergencies happen and just make sure to communicate that to your team when you have to leave but don’t make it an everyday occurance.
    4. )Cheating is against BG rules and will get you banned across our entire platform.
    5. )Don’t throw. Always give it your all. Purposefully throwing a match or trolling will result in a temporary suspension of your BG account meaning you won’t be able to participate in matches where prize money is involved.
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    EU Winter Cup 2018

    The EU Blake Games Winter Cup, held on December 1st and 8th, sparked some much-needed life into the Insurgency: Source community. Although it only brought together 4 teams, it was great competition for all, and saw some interesting match-ups.

    The 4 teams that faced each-other were:

    N.W.A - a long time EU powerhouse, who came second in the DGL’s #3 World Cup, captained by Jaeger.

    los cholos - a newer team of veteran players, looking to take down the long time EU favorites, captained by el zorrito, an ex-N.W.A member.

    PRS (Polish Rebel Squad) - a Polish team of long time pub players, captained by Spok.

    Sanity - a German team, consisting of players who have been in a multitude of tournaments, hungry to make their names. Captained by Arrow.

    The double-elimination style tournament spanned over 3 rounds and a best-of-3 final.

    Round 1:

    N.W.A faced Sanity. N.W.A won this match quickly, 11 to 1.

    PRS played los cholos. Cholos ended this game in a similar fashion, winning the game without dropping a round, 11 to 0.

    Round 2:

    los cholos were up against N.W.A for the first time ever, looking to leave a big mark in their first match-up. It didn’t go their way, however, as N.W.A lead by a big margin by the half in their District match. Cholos ignited a small comeback in the second half, winning multiple consecutive rounds, but in the end it was too little too late and N.W.A closed the game off at 11 to 6. N.W.A secured their spot in the final.

    Cholos vs N.W.A was not the only big game that evening. PRS and Sanity had the closest game of the night, with a somewhat controversial ending. Initially, PRS thought they had won, as their game had ended 10-7 in their favor. This would have been a big upset, as PRS is not thought of as a competitive firefight team as much as Sanity is. The game ending at 10 rounds won was in error though, and Sanity rightfully disputed this premature finish. They played again, starting from their 10-7 score, and with the pause and confusion, Sanity managed to turn the momentum their way, winning the game in OT at 11-10.

    Round 3:

    The only game in the third round was to decide the winner of the loser bracket. Cholos got another victory under their belt, beating Sanity 11 to 0. Cholos advanced to the final against N.W.A.

    Round 4 (BO3 final):

    los cholos hadn’t lost hope yet, as they were motivated not only to get revenge for their loss in the elimination stage, but to become the new face of EU Insurgency. This did not become a reality however, as N.W.A handily beat the challengers, beating them 11-4 on Market and 11-2 on Station.

    When asked to comment about the team's performance vs the champions, cholos member “DINDOLION” said: “I don’t remember.”

    After the finals, the EU tournament winner was to go up against the best NA team, DGL and Gym world cup winner, Gunners.

    This matched featured a $1,000 USD prize money in a bo3 format. The first match was played in an EU server in London on District. NWA was able to defeat a Gunners team missing a few of their regular players. The second match was played on a NA server in Ashburn on Market.

    N.W.A won this game, securing their title as the best team in Insurgency.

    While the EU winter cup is over, there is still plenty going on in Insurgency: Source. The BlakeGames EU pre-season is going strong, with 3 returning teams (los cholos, PRS and Sanity) and 1 brand new team, X-Ray, lead by Leakbang. The pre-season features a brand new theatre, based on the DGL’s, with much needed modifications from the brains behind ESGL, Outlawled.

    Exciting times ahead for Insurgency: Source. Happy holidays Everyone!

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    Half Life Counter Strike Tournament

    Date: March 9/10, 2019 and March 16/17.

    Blake Games is excited to host a 16-team counter strike tournament with a $1,850 USD prize pool.

    March 9 will be qualifier rounds. It will be a double elimination BO1. If matches don't finish on March 9, it will be finished on March 10.

    The top 4 teams will qualify and advance to the semi-finals on March 16. If matches don't finish on March 16, it will be finished on March 17.

    Semi-finals and Finals on March 16 will be single elimination, BO3 maps.

    Seeds for the qualifier will be assigned by the tournament organizer based on performance in past tournaments.

    Teams may be asked to play some test matches to validate the teams' roster.

    Teams must pay the entry fee and submit their finalized roster by March 3rd, 2019, 11:59PM GMT.

    If we do not have 16 confirmed teams on March 4th, 2019, the tournament will be cancelled and the entry fees refunded. Otherwise, team entry will be closed, roster locked, and first round schedule published on March 4th, 2019.

    If we have more than 16-teams, qualifier matches may be played and teams placed as alternates.

    Tournament schedule:

    For both March 9 and March 16.

    Saturday, 6PM GMT, 1PM EST: Start of tournament. Map ban start on blakegames.com website.

    Saturday, 11:00 PM GMT: Estimated end of matches. If some of the matches did not finish, it will resume on Sunday 9PM GMT.

    Game mode: firefight


    Maps for each round will be voted on. pool=("de_dust2","de_inferno","de_nuke","de_train","de_cpl_mill","de_cpl_fire","de_mirage","de_forge","de_tuscan")

    Team size: 5-player teams. 5 starters and each teams is allowed 2 subs on their roster. No player may be on more than one team's roster. If a player is on more than one team, both teams may be disqualified.

    Number of teams: 16

    Theatre: BG theatre

    Teams and seeds:


    Alternate 1: TBD

    Alternate 2: TBD

    Entry fee: 100 blakebitcoins

    Bracket format: Double elimination

    Cash prizes for the tournament per team:

    1st place team: $500 US Dollars

    2nd place team: $350 US Dollars

    3rd place team: $250 US Dollars

    4th place team: $150 US Dollars

    5-8th place: $75 USD

    9-12th place: $50 USD

    13-16th place: $25 USD

    Cash prizes are denominated in US Dollars and will be payable via PayPal. Cash prizes can be converted to equivalent values in Blakebitcoins if requested at $0.10 USD per Blakebitcoin.

    Team composition are at the sole discretion of the team captains who registered for the tournament. Prize payouts will be paid to the team captains.

    The matches and tournament will be coordinated through BlakeGames.com. Players and teams will need to register on BlakeGames.com and agree to abide by the Blake Games TOS. All members of the team will need to register for an account on BlakeGames.com and join their respective teams. You just need a valid email address to register for an account.

    Rules are listed in the Blake Games Rulebook. All players of a match must be on the roster on March 4th and will need to play logged into the Blake Games anti-cheat.

    For additional info, please join our ts3 server eurots7.gameservers.com:9157 or discord https://discord.gg/Ved4x3N

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    BlakeGames Pre-Season introduction


    BlakeGames (BG) is working its way into the grassroots Insurgency Source community, looking to revitalize the game’s competitive population and scene. The company is engaging with the community and giving monetary incentives for teams to keep playing the game even though the sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm, is now fully released to the public. BG has hosted a number of Insurgency tournaments in the preceding months including the BG Minors and Majors, Winter Cup, and even a Cross-Atlantic grudge match between the best NA and EU teams. This time, however, there is a change of pace. Instead of their previous tournament style weekend competitions, BG is hosting their first season style competition.

    The BG North American Minors Season 1 will take place at the beginning of January and continue for several weeks. Because of this new style of competition, there will be a pre-season testing period to implement and assess the new changes and systems. These changes include the introduction of the BlakeGames theater, an adaptation of the DGL competitive firefight theater to improve upon some of the game’s problems.

    Team Introductions

    The teams that will be competing in this pre-season test competition include Aurora, Bricksquad, Jurassic 5, Organization 13, Rocketeers, and Vesper. These teams will battle it out for bragging rights even though this season is technically for testing. This competition will be one to watch, as the equal skill level of the teams will ensure some of the closest games that BG has hosted. Here is an introduction of the teams.

    Captained by Ragnarok, Aurora is a long standing team that you can rely on to be in every tournament that is hosted. Taking 2nd place in BG Minors Invitational 2, this team is out to replicate their success and push themselves even further to take home the title and bragging rights they thirst for. They have not made the podium in the past two events they have attended, so they are playing with something to prove. Their lineup consists of Ragnarok, Doughge, Sgt Major Mythic, RYKER, and CarterG4Y.

    Bricksquad is a team of fast aimers and raw talent. Bricksquad is a team made of players who competed here and there in BG events but are always a force to be reckoned with. While this team has not placed with this lineup in any events, they look to change this and use their new lineup to steamroll the competition and take home the title. This team’s captain is Yagoma. He plays alongside seth, Maskedwayne, DannyG, and jack.

    Jurassic 5 is one of the oldest BG only teams. They did not compete in previous Insurgency tournaments but have competed in BG events since the start. Placing third in the BG promo tourney, they have proven that they are a team you shouldn’t mess with. This team is looking to prove to these new teams what long standing chemistry can do for a team. This team is captained by Steffbeard, who is supported by Ratt, PsychoTeddy, Al, Atlas, Scara, John

    Organization 13 is a group of relatively new players to the Insurgency competitive scene. When asked about his team, the captain Haze responded: “My team consists of my brother and close friend, and we are in it for fun. We've had major changes as we've lost 2 players, but we ended up meeting two new ones: Fearby and bbc.” This team’s lineup is Haze, Fade, Kaito, Fearby, and bbc.

    The Rocketeers are the only South American team that competes in BG tournaments. They have consistently been plagued with bad ping and language barriers due to the mix of Portuguese and Spanish speaking players they have in their community. Under the COA title, this lineup placed first in the BG Minors invitational 2 and want to achieve that same placement again. They did not qualify for the most recent tournament, so they will be playing with a chip on their shoulders looking to dominate the competition. The Rocketeers are captained by Ner0, and consist of Skynet, Redmonkey, Billy, Overkill, ALVIN, Skyline, and Joks.

    The last team competing in this tournament is Vesper. This is a relatively new team but makes up for it with many veteran players. This lineup placed 3rd in the recent BG Winter Cup and looks to take the title for this tournament after making slight roster changes. This mostly North American team is led by their Brazilian captain, Vinni. The lineup consists of M4artin, SiphonicSugar, BallisticWaffles, Vapor, BarkBarkington, and MangoorPapaya.

    Tournament Details

    Even though this is technically a pre-season for testing, all of these teams have something to prove, and are looking to gain much needed experience moving into the real season. Players have many challenges to overcome, and there are new developments and changes that have to be adapted for in this new theater.

    For up to date details, check out GrumpyCat's posts on blakegames.com or the insurgency channel on the blakegames discord. Several of the matches will be live-streamed on the blakegames twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/playblakegames

    Tournament Details:

    • Preseason will run from December 2018 to January 2019.
    • Preseason will be a single round robin on a single server.
    • Teams that missed the entire pre-season will be disqualified from the regular season.
    • Teams that do not participate in the pre-season will not be allowed to play in the regular season.
    • Regular season will be in a double round robin format. Each team will play every other team in the league twice, once as the home team and once as the away team.
    • Home team: Picks server location from a provided list. Bans one map. Away team bans the 2nd map. Home team picks the map.
    • Each team will have 1 week to schedule their match with their opponent. Teams can either coordinate among themselves to decide a time, or they can use the voting system on the website.
    • If teams cannot schedule a time among themselves, the teams must show up at cutoff time to play the match. A team that does not schedule the match and does not show up at cutoff time will be considered to have forfeited the match.
    • Cutoff time is Sunday, 6pm GMT for each round
    • Theater: BlakeGames 1.0 and beyond (will stay updated).
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    Insurgency Tournament

    Insurgency Source Regular Season

    We are excited to announce the start of Insurgency Source (ins2) America Region and Europe Region Season 1!  

    Preseason will run from December, 2018 to January 2019.

    Regular season start January 2019. 

    At the end of the season, there will be a playoff to compete for the prize pool. Prize pool is $500 USD for each region

    Teams for season 1:

    EU:  los cholos (el zorrito), sanity (arrow), prs ([prs]jigsaw77), and x-ray (leakbang)

    NA/SA: Vesper (Vinni), RKT (Skynet), J5 (steffbeard), aurora (ragnarok), Bricksquad (yagoma), Org13 (Haze), 

    For more details, see the tournament page on BlakeGames.com or join us on discord discord.gg/Ved4x3N

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    June Contest!

    Here is our first monthly contest!

    The prizes are Steam gift cards
    1st place: a $250 US dollar Steam gift card!
    2nd place: a $100 US dollar Steam gift card!
    3rd place: a $50 US dollar Steam gift card!

    To enter, please
    1. Like our facebook group PlayBlakeGames
    2. Be a registered member of BlakeGames.com
    3. Post on Blake Games GrumpyCat's thread AND on our facebook group A SCREEN SHOT or A SHORT VIDEO CLIP of you playing in any of the 8 games on one of our game servers. A caption may enhance your post but is not required. If the caption is not in English, we will do our best to translate it when awarding the winners.

    The Blake Games team will pick the best posts (most heroic, funniest, or whatever we think is best). The contest will end on 7/1/2018, 11:59PM PST. The gift cards will be sent via Steam as soon as the winners are announced on this thread.


    PS: members of the BG team are welcome to post but unfortunately are not qualified to win. Blake Games reserves the right to disqualify any entry that was not played by the poster on one of our servers. For a list of our servers, please see our list of games