June Contest!

Here is our first monthly contest!

The prizes are Steam gift cards
1st place: a $250 US dollar Steam gift card!
2nd place: a $100 US dollar Steam gift card!
3rd place: a $50 US dollar Steam gift card!

To enter, please
1. Like our facebook group PlayBlakeGames
2. Be a registered member of BlakeGames.com
3. Post on Blake Games GrumpyCat's thread AND on our facebook group A SCREEN SHOT or A SHORT VIDEO CLIP of you playing in any of the 8 games on one of our game servers. A caption may enhance your post but is not required. If the caption is not in English, we will do our best to translate it when awarding the winners.

The Blake Games team will pick the best posts (most heroic, funniest, or whatever we think is best). The contest will end on 7/1/2018, 11:59PM PST. The gift cards will be sent via Steam as soon as the winners are announced on this thread.


PS: members of the BG team are welcome to post but unfortunately are not qualified to win. Blake Games reserves the right to disqualify any entry that was not played by the poster on one of our servers. For a list of our servers, please see our list of games