Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear Dawn (NDAWN)

When you play on servers hosted by Blake Games, you will earn rewards for every enemy elimination you record against another player (human or bot).

For NDAWN, the reward for each enemy elimination is 0.1 BlakeBitcoins, or 10 enemy eliminations to earn 1 BlakeBitcoin. Turret kills do not count towards rewards.

The value of a BlakeBitcoin converts to roughly $0.10 United States Dollar (USD) at current value, so roughly $1 US Dollar per 100 enemy eliminations. However, the value of a BlakeBitcoin fluctuates and may change anytime.

All of your enemy eliminations on our servers will count towards your rewards total, even ones prior to your registration on our website.

Terms and conditions:

The maximum amount you can earn per month for playing NDAWN is 200 BlakeBitcoins. The maximum amount you can earn per month for all the rewards on our platform is 1,000 BlakeBitcoins.

These terms and rewards are subject to change at any time without notice. Your enemy eliminations and other statistics are recorded by our servers. Efforts are made to ensure their accuracy, but Blake Games retains the exclusive right to decide your final enemy eliminations, rankings, statistics, and rewards.

Cheating and automated bots are strictly prohibited.

Blake Games retains the right to refuse rewards to any player for any reason.

Blake Games may at some point live stream certain game servers, and these servers will be marked as such.

By playing on our servers, you agree to the abovementioned terms.

Join any of our available NDAWN servers and starting playing!