Does this link launch CSGO? If not, re-installing the steam client should resolve the issue. You can also manually connect to the server address  ( through the game console (enable in settings then press ~), or by adding the server address ( to your favorites list in the server browser.

While in game you earn uLithium for all of your actions, a detailed break down can be found here: CSGO Information.  Your uLithium balance is shown on the left side of your screen: Screenshot

The servers implement a Lithium-Vault feature which can be used to store your Lithiums. Anytime you disconnect from the game server or the map changes your Lithiums are deposited into your vault. You can access your vault in game by saying !vault in the games text chat.

The process of earning cryptos works like this:

1.   Play on the servers and earn uLithium
2.   Deposit your Lithium into your Lithium-Vault
3.  Request a withdrawal


To prevent fraud withdrawals must be manually approved by an admin. Withdrawals are approved once every 24 hours.