If you would like to register a character you must add CashNCarry#1511 as a Battle.net Battle Tag friend and contact them to verify you own the character you wish to add.


While in game you earn game tokens for your actions, a detailed break down can be found here: World of Warcraft Information.

The process of earning cryptos works like this:

1.   Play WoW on any realm and earn game tokens for PvP kills, arena rating, and achievement points.
2.   Set a withdrawal address
3.  Request a withdrawal


HYPER withdrawals are sent to your HYPER Web Wallet, withdrawals requested in any other currency will be sent to the address you have set here. To prevent fraud withdrawals must be manually approved by an admin. Withdrawals are approved once every 24 hours. You can not use a Bittrex deposit address when withdrawing GoldPieces.